Why Luxdots?

At Luxdots we are committed to delivering visible success for our client’s co-creating innovative projects together to ensure business impact.

We do so by working hard, always asking ourselves how to do things better, listening to all involved in the project and striving for excellence in strategy and action.

People and Technology are key for us to deliver results for our clients, That’s why we are on top of the latest developments but above all, we are a harmonious and motivated team. We believe in flexible working, encourage our team to support each other as colleagues and friends and are purpose driven. We know how hard everyone on our team Works, which is why we look for ways to reward all team members whenever we can, including trainees.


Core Values

The agency world has an abundance of female talent which needs to be stimulated and supported, we collaborate with different initiatives to contribute our little grain of salt:

sheleader was born to empower women in the professional field. Accompanying them in their development and professional, personal and collective empowerment.

The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals is an organization dedicated to connecting women industry leaders with other female professionals.



Not walking the talk Transparency in all our internal and external relations
Indifference To commit ourselves and work consistently to get things done
Disrespect of any kind To team up with partners and clients and enjoy working together
Know-it-alls or negativists Curiosity as the wick in the candle of learning
Unfair or no payments for work Fairness in pay and treatment
Maximize shareholders’ wealth as the only business purpose Social involvement to issues that matter
The “That will never work” mindset Creativity in all aspects of our agency
Close-mindedness Diversity to enrich our professional and personal experience