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Why Luxdots?

At Luxdots we are committed to delivering visible success for our client’s co-creating innovative projects together to ensure business impact.

We do so by working hard, always asking ourselves how to do things better, listening to all involved in the project and striving for excellence in strategy and action.

People and Technology are key for us to deliver results for our clients, That’s why we are on top of the latest developments but above all, we are a harmonious and motivated team. We believe in flexible working, encourage our team to support each other as colleagues and friends and are purpose driven. We know how hard everyone on our team Works, which is why we look for ways to reward all team members whenever we can, including trainees.


Core Values

The agency world has an abundance of female talent which needs to be stimulated and supported, we collaborate with different initiatives to contribute our little grain of salt:

sheleader was born to empower women in the professional field. Accompanying them in their development and professional, personal and collective empowerment.

The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals is an organization dedicated to connecting women industry leaders with other female professionals.


Evelyne Hollands


The soul of Luxdots. Our CEO is a non-stop; she is currently studying an executive master degree in “Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Google Analytics and User Experience”, teaching at Toulouse Business school and playing tennis every Thursday morning. You are in front of a true competitor!

Andrea Robres

Account Director

Our Adventurer. She has lived in three countries and speaks four languages. Graduated in Event Management at Edinburgh Napier University in 2016, she moved to Switzerland to learn French where she discovered the world of technology and digital marketing. Back in her sunny country, she has been working non-stop in marketing projects and campaigns. She will do everything in her power to make things work.

Natascha Tucek

Account Manager

There is no challenge that our Austrian cannot resist. After almost 20 years living and working in Austria, Germany, Spain and Argentina, Natascha has returned to her beloved land, this time, to stay.

With a degree in Communication, Journalism and Public Relations, she has now specialized in Digital Marketing for small and medium companies, which gives her a great sensitivity and experience in her communication activities. Apart from eating cookies you can find her walking on the beach with Simba (her dog).

Natalia Sánchez

Account Manager

The Latin perspective. While living in Canada, our Colombian discovered her passion for the world of business and marketing and, above all, for traveling.
Currently studying a double degree in International Business and Business Administration, she has recently moved to Spain to continue expanding her horizons and add the “tropical warmth” to the team.

Yep, a real challenge taker!

If you do not see her at the office, she will probably be on an airplane around Europe.

Helena Jiménez

Account Manager

Our little Helena! When she was studying a higher degree in ‘Image Treatment and Treatment’, she went on an Erasmus to Ireland that changed her life career. She became interested in Tourism, and finally graduated with honors; moreover, while she was coursing it, she also discovered marketing. She has recently graduated from a master’s degree on ‘Digital Marketing & Social Media’.

She is a crazy animal lover.

Mirco Iacobini

Account Manager

Mirco is currently studying a Master of Science in Marketing Management with a major in B2C Marketing & FMCG. He graduated in Business Administration back in Italy, University of Bologna. Last year he did a 3-month internship with a Digital Marketing role in Toronto, Canada. He studied or worked in the UK, France, Canada and now in Spain. He speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Alhely Agüero

Account Manager

The work from abroad. MBA specialized in Marketing and Communication with 10-year background experience, both national and international, in different multinationals and government institutions such as Novartis, Swarovski and Ministry of Foreign Trade. Passionate about PR and Digital Environments, she has devoted her lasts years specializing in Influencer Marketing and Corporate Communication.
In her free time, she leads and coordinates a collaborative platform for the empowerment and creation of new opportunities for women.

Esther Lobo

Consultant at Synthetron | Executive & Team Coach

Our personal coach. 25 years in marketing and communication in corporate environments, gave way to consulting and working dynamically with people and teams that align and integrate strategies with global objectives.
She practices and teaches yoga in her free time because she knows how much mental clarity and emotional balance this discipline brings. She likes challenges and “getting into puddles” to find and show others new ways of living.

Joan Cervelló

Graphic Designer

Our creative hand. Even if we do not see him much at the office – let’s just say he works from the shadows-, he will help you out at any time with any creative hurry you might have. He is always open to changes, and he has a great ability to get into the customer’s mind and create exactly what they were asking for. He could have been a mentalist, but he chose to be an artist.

This could be you

Your expertise

Yes! You could indeed be in this wall of fame, with a catchy description about yourself. You will just need: to be extraordinary and have a great passion for your expertise and send us your CV to eveline@luxdots.com. Who knows if you will have to send us your profile photo too to be our next star.



Not walking the talk Transparency in all our internal and external relations
Indifference To commit ourselves and work consistently to get things done
Disrespect of any kind To team up with partners and clients and enjoy working together
Know-it-alls or negativists Curiosity as the wick in the candle of learning
Unfair or no payments for work Fairness in pay and treatment
Maximize shareholders’ wealth as the only business purpose Social involvement to issues that matter
The “That will never work” mindset Creativity in all aspects of our agency
Close-mindedness Diversity to enrich our professional and personal experience